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Attention all suppliers!

Message from Svendborg Brakes Managing Director, Mr Steven Olsen: 

Dear Valued Supplier,

While COVID-19 is new and some of the challenges it poses are unique, our commitment remains the same: To be a trusted partner, able to meet our customer’s needs with unparalleled service and dedication. We cannot achieve this without the support of you, our valued Suppliers.

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, we are executing on our two highest priorities: 

1: Health and Safety 
A top priority at Svendborg Brakes is the safety of our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our communities. With information evolving hourly, Svendborg Brakes has deployed our Business Continuity Task Force to help determine the best course of action to ensure our employees, suppliers and customers remain safe and healthy. Following the current guidance from the leading government and health authorities, we are taking a measured approach to responding to the challenges posed by this illness including the following:

  • We have activated our Pandemic Response Plan and are staying current with actions to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

  • We have implemented a “no visitor” policy in all of our locations.

  • We have suspended all non-essential travel and have implemented a “work from home” strategy for all personnel who are able to perform their jobs remotely. Our supply chain and procurement teams remain available to communicate with you utilizing virtual technology (teleconference, video conference, mobile phones etc.)

  • We are communicating regularly with our employees about preventive measures such as improved hygiene and social distancing and advising employees to stay home if they feel sick, have been in contact with someone suspected of being infected or have traveled to high risk areas.

  • We have increased the depth and frequency of our cleaning and sanitizing procedures.


2: Continuity of Supply
In concert with maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, Svendborg Brakes is taking all the necessary steps to help ensure a continuity of supply for our customers. The Svendborg Brakes Supply Chain Team is proactively working with all of our suppliers to keep current and manage the evolving needs of our customers. We appreciate your support and your efforts to provide Svendborg Brakes with superior service and unparalleled flexibility. 

Currently, these proactive steps are working for us. However, as the situation evolves, we recognize there may be additional steps needed. We will work to maintain communication to our suppliers as the situation continues to develop. 

Our senior leadership team remains vigilant and is monitoring the situation in real time and responding rapidly as conditions evolve.

We remain highly committed to bringing our customers the very best service while providing our employees and you, our suppliers, the support needed in these uncertain times.


Best regards,

Steven Olsen
Managing Director
Svendborg Brakes ApS