New Training Academy


Training you can benefit from - the first day back on-site or in the office!
A rapid development of the industries we serve massively requires current - and future - need for service and maintenance of installed equipment. No matter whether it´s wind turbines, conveyors, draw works, cranes or other installations, specialized and in dept braking knowledge is a must for any workforce.

Be Preparred
Being prepared for challenges improves performance, safety and results. Svendborg Brakes Training Academy does just that by training people to be prepared handling real life situations. At any time we will make sure our training is utmost relevant and reflects your daily working environment.

The Svendborg Brakes Training Academy adapts to the needs of our clients by offering the exact courses necessary to gain the maximum effect from the learning process. From junior engineers to the most senior members of a service crew, our tailor-made training packages grants access to leading technical expertise and extensive know-how from a dedicated Svendborg Brakes training personnel. Training you can benefit from the first day back on-site or in the office!

The training comprises a mix of theory, knowledge sharing, hands-on and even site visits depending on the customer´s ambition. Our training can be carried out precisely where the client is, wherever is most convenient.

Our world class test center can act as an integrated part of our training in Denmark where we can simulate virtually any operation, any environment, and any condition´.

In addition, our training academy can certify service personnel to service Svendborg Brakes´ equipment in the field up to 18 months. 

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