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When you purchase a braking solution you make an investment, and investments need to be protected. Svendborg Brakes are designed with as few moving parts as possible in order to minimize the need for maintenance. Despite this and despite the fact that our braking solutions are the toughest and most durable in the market, designed, tested and engineered to work and keep your operation safe for decades, maintenance can never be completely avoided.

This is when you will truly appreciate the fact that you have purchased much more than just a world-class product. Whether it be training, service, technical support or upgrades, the after sales support that you will eventually need is as highly valued by our customers as our products - making your purchase with us a complete solution. 

Service must be quick - and right!
When you need our services you will experience that we respond and move both quickly and competently. Both virtues are equally important when it comes to providing you the after sales support in which we take such great pride. We know that you need our support, our service visit or spare parts as quickly as possible. But we also know that you need our actions to be adequate.


Tailor-made service packages
We never just deliver your product and then leave you hanging. We have designed our solutions to work. It is a matter of value for you and your operation, and a matter of pride for us. Our tailor-made service packages ensure you professional, technical expertise and maintenance by authorized and dedicated Svendborg Brakes personnel. Furthermore you have a guarantee that only original spare parts are installed. Regular brake service also means a hands on and constant up-to-date knowledge of the condition and performance of your braking solution. Frequency of service and spare parts stocks, amongst other aspects, are individual to every installation. This is why we discuss your needs with you before coming up with a tailor-made industrial brake service package.

Training and support to help you help yourself
As a customer of Svendborg Brakes you are also invited to join our extensive and acknowledged training programs, which we offer at our facilities or on site. Our training gives you valuable insight into the installation, operation and maintenance of your braking solution. This can of course be of great value to you and make your everyday operation less dependent on us.


A scheduled service visit by Svendborg Brakes ensures you:

  • A preventive maintenance plan that minimizes downtime
  • That only original spare parts are fitted and installed on site
  • Correct adjustments of brakes, hydraulic and electrical systems
  • A complete picture of the braking solution's performance and history through documentation


360 ° brake solutions<


DESIGN SERVICES is the starting point of the process ensuring that your braking solution is just right for your specific operation.

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PRODUCTS covers our wide range of solutions for your operation. Our extensive testing and product quality is second to none.

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SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICES allows us to meet your needs no matter what they are – and no matter where you are.

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AFTER SALES SUPPORT is your guarantee that we will never let your operation out of mind or sight. We deliver way beyond products.

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