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How we work

Actually, trust is our primary commodity. When customers choose products, solutions and services from the Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions, trust is what they buy. Our global mindset and vision combined with our market-leading position and decades of accumulated expertise all add up to this one decisive word. Customers who trust us can rely on their operation.


The Preferred and Trusted Provider

Svendborg Brakes creates high growth for both our customers and for ourselves by innovating, testing and delivering world-class braking solutions. We are customer-focused and value-driven, and we continuously strive for superior and unmatched quality in design, products, testing, certification and services. This makes us Global Leading Experts and the preferred and trusted designer and supplier in the field of intelligent braking solutions to the world's renewable energy and heavy industries.

- what we want
To create high growth and value by being the preferred and trusted provider of braking solutions and services.

- what we offer
Global Leading Experts on braking solutions offering superior quality, unmatched design and world-class after sales support.

- what we do
We innovate and deliver market-leading braking solutions in terms of design, products, testing, certification, logistics and services.

- who we are
Customer-focused, value-driven, team and partner oriented, trusting, respectful and dedicated to mutual success.

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