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Universal Control Case

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Our Universal Control Cases are smart technology service tools used to enable remote monitoring of product performance and provide important insights to maintenance assessment. It enables remote support on standard and SOBO Svendborg Brakes brakes systems during commissioning and service.

Product Information

Portable case used as a tool for remote support and data visualization during commissioning or service of Svendborg Brakes brake systems, including all Hydraulic Power Units (2-stage, On/Off) and all SOBO® (soft braking) systems.

Main data input is brake-side pressure from included pressure transmitter. Connected ethernet cable or WiFi hotspot gives trouble-free internet access through high security gateway. Stored data can be displayed via a web interface on a custom UCCase Dashboard. 

Visualization coupled with analytical models facilitates the diagnosis of the brake system behavior and can foresee and advice to take an action to prevent malfunction.
UCCase give full service controls of SOBO iQ, including possibilities to set SOBO iQ settings and upgrade firmware.

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