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Although globally, not yet widely acknowledged, tidal power has the potential to become a future electricity generation. Tides are more predictable than wind and solar energy. Through a number of recent technological developments, both in design and turbine technology, the future request for tidal power may be much higher than assumed.

Historically, the tide turbines have been installed in Europe and North America, where Svendborg Brakes have designed and delivered numerous brakes system solutions and lifecycle management. Just let us know how we can assist you in your efforts to further globalize tidal energy.  


Customer Story

Testimonial on installation of the world's first tidal turbine permanently connected to the public grid.
Read about the products and pre-work needed, to meet the challenging tidal turbine requirements for installation near the Orkney Islands - off the Scottish North Eastern coast.

Quote from Svendborg Brakes Global Key Account Manager: “While the braking system developed for the 300 kW turbine was relatively simple, this larger application required more advanced features. One particular challenge experienced during the design phase was combining all of these features while maintaining a compact layout that would fit into the limited space available. The expertise of Svendborg Brakes’ engineers and our commitment to delivering an ideal setup for specific applications proved crucial to addressing this issue.”

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