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Product Authentication

Genuine Product Guarantee

No more uncertainty! We now offer instant product authentication with a single scan on smartphone devices.

In partnership with Authentic Vision we have developed an app, which makes it easy and simple to ensure that the products you receive are genuine.

Stop Counterfeiting!

Quality, safety and long term reliability often goes hand in hand.
Our goal is to make authentication of products easy and accessible by enabling our customers to authenticate  our products.

Easy To Use & Free of Charge To Download

The App is free of charge. Simply download it from App Store or Google Play. It then smoothly guides the user through the simple authentication process. 

All you have to do is to scan the Svendborg Brakes 'Genuine Parts' sticker if available on the product. No special knowledge needed, only the use of a smartphone.



Name of App

Search for ‘SB Genuine Parts’.

Main Benefits

Authentic and safe to use
Proven quality
Developed for long term reliability
Full warranty
Extensively tested
Help fight counterfeiting


Feedback & Questions

We welcome all feedback, questions and an open dialogue in relation to the app, as it is very important to us, that it works exactly as intended at all times. 

Aftermarket Support

The 'Genuine Parts' sticker and authentication setup is only one, out of several, of our aftermarket support services. See more here or contact us for a more specific customized. 

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