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Training Academy - Svendborg Brakes
Svendborg Brakes is the global market leader in training engineers, service and sales people-  and other technical personnel in advanced braking technology.


Value of Trust   



The Value of Trust - Corporate brochure
Trust is our primary commodity. When you choose products, solutions and services from the Global Leading Expert in intelligent braking solutions, trust is what you buy. Trust us and you can rely on your operation...

Superior Solutions



Superior Solutions - Introduction to Products and Service Solutions
Svendborg Brakes’ comprehensive product range makes us your answer
to one-stop brake shopping and supply. Our complete braking solutions


Product Overview - Superior Braking Solutions (pdf)
Way beyond products! Svendborg Brakes produces reliable and safe
hydraulic braking systems for a wide range of applications. The most tested
and certified in the world...

Lifting Tool Data Sheet



LBS 90 Lifting Tool Data Sheet + LBS 120 Lifting Tool Data Sheet
The LBS 90 + LBS 120 (Lifting Brake Safely) are yaw brake lifting and
installation tools providing new standards. A safe and fast way
to allow complete removal and installation of yaw brakes...



Specifications Sheets Catalogue



Product Specifications Sheets - Catalogue
A 112-page product catalogue listing specifications for each of the products...

Product Line Card (US)



(Svendborg Brakes US office contact details)
Svendborg Brakes comprehensive product range include extensive design services,
market-leading products, a quality focused supply chain and unmatched after sales...



Line Card RENEWABLES (US letter size)  (A4 size)
Altra Industrial Motion (Ameridrives, Stromag and Svendborg Brakes) products and global services, RENEWABLES. 


Hydraulic Power Unit 2-Stage Braking



Hydraulic Power Unit 2-Stage Braking
The 2-stage hydraulic power unit provide a 2-stage controlled braking sequence for use
with hydraulic failsafe springs applied disc brakes. It is used to prevent a hard braking
sequence, which in worst case can cause too high stress...

SOBO iQ Braking for Conveyor



SOBO iQ Controlled Braking for Conveyor Systems
For conveyor applications with hydraulic failssafe brakes where consistent
stopping times or distances are desired and less wear and tear on equipment...

SOBO iQ Braking for General Systems



SOBO® iQ Controlled Braking for General Systems
For any application with hydraulic failsafe brakes where consistent stopping times and
distances are desired and less wear and tear on equipment...




DESIGN SERVICES is the starting point of the process ensuring that your braking solution is just right for your specific operation.

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PRODUCTS covers our wide range of solutions for your operation. Our extensive testing and product quality is second to none.

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SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICES allows us to meet your needs no matter what they are – and no matter where you are.

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AFTER SALES SUPPORT is your guarantee that we will never let your operation out of mind or sight. We deliver way beyond products.

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