Hydraulic Brakes
Svendborg Brakes produces reliable and safe hydraulic braking systems for a wide range of applications. Our engineers design highly flexible power units with full safety functionality and performance, to give you a choice of braking options from a single source - guaranteed to suit your requirement. 

Key Benefits

  • Few moving parts, resulting in easy maintenance and reduced costs.
  • Small air gap combined with few moving parts, which mean short response time and fast braking.
  • Two different types of spring packages, reducing loss of force and providing higher levels of safety.
  • Drain ports for hydraulic oil leakage, preventing the presence of oil on brake discs and further increasing safety levels. 

Testing & Certification
In accordance with our ambition, our brakes are the most tested and the most widely certified in the world. We have a strong tradition for Research and Development (R&D) investments and an invaluable accumulated know-how. Our dedication to innovation is constantly nurtured. It is the very core of our company, and the cutting edge for yours. 

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