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Disc Resurfacing Tools


Product Information

Service tools that completely renovate yaw discs after years of wear and tear. Traditional replacement of the discs is a time consuming and costly operation. The disc resurfacing tools minimizes service downtime and maintenance. They are specifically developed by Svendborg Brakes engineers.


Product Sheets

Disc Resurfacing Tool Gen_1
Disc Resurfacing Tool Gen_2


Key Benefits

Refurbish damaged or worn yaw discs uptower
Fully in-house developed tool and software
Bolts directly onto turbine machine frame
Can machine both sides of disc if needed
Quick and short setup and machine time


Customer feedback

Very impressive!
Complete renovation, degreasing and replacement of all brake pads done in only three days
Actual machining process took less than one day with minimal power loss due to turbine running nights only



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