New tool that completely renovates yaw discs after years of wear and tear. 
Innovated by Svendborg Brakes engineers. 

Customer feedback

Very impressive!

  • Complete renovation, degreasing and replacement of all brake pads done in only three days
  • Actual machining process took less than one day with minimal power loss due to turbine running nights only
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  • Refurbish damaged or worn yaw discs
  • Fully in-house developed tool and software
  • Bolts directly onto turbine machine frame
  • Can machine both sides of disc if necessary
  • Single axis CNC milling machine

Data sheet
Please feel free to download the Disc Resurfacing Tool Data Sheet

Before and after...



  • Fits 120 style yaw brakes
  • Power supply 400v 50Hz 16A
  • Max power consumption 4Kw
  • Optimal feed (yaw) rate 3mm per second
  • Crane capacity to lift Disc Resurfacing Tool: 500kg
  • Access to yaw section: 550mm x 600mm minimum

Disc Resurfacing Tool Presentation