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Our decades of experience and product innovations enables us to offer a comprehensive range of product and service solutions to the Port Crane market. Our impressive setup include high-technology IIoT and groundbreaking testing simulations for soft braking control.

Our Product Range

Rail Clamps

Rail Press

Emergency Brakes

Drum Brakes

Thruster Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Power Units

Wheel Brakes

Disc & Couplings

Automatic Lowering W. SOBO iQ

Hydraulic Buffers

Barrel Couplings

Rotary Limit Switches


The port crane one-stop-shop

Svendborg Brakes offers an extensive range of products to secure all lifting and transmission equipment.

Service brakes and emergency stop brakes
Modules to monitor the over-speed, the kinematic chain or the hydraulic systems operation
Peripheral products such as the cardan shafts or the buffers
Safety Brakes
Power Control Units
Hydraulic with lowering features
Storm Brakes
Couplings, Drums & Discs
Limit Switches electrically released
Wheels & Buffers
IIoT Monitoring
Genuine Parts
Global Service Support


Service Brakes

Service brakes are installed on the high speed line of the gearbox. These brakes follow motor ratings and can be equipped with an automatic wear compensation, ensuring a constant torque whatever the wear of the lining pads. These brakes can be equipped with several options.

Hydraulic brakes: Offer an incomparable braking torque stability
Thruster brakes: Designed for high braking torque applications such as ports, iron and steel or mining
Drum brakes: Used when the mechanical constraints are not an overriding factor.


Emergency Brakes

Emergency brakes are installed directly on the flange of the drums, and they are the last safety device in the event of a falling load.
These brakes are applied in case of over-speed detection, power failure, mechanical transmission breakage or emergency stop controlled by operator. Many options are available: breather pot, special painting, protective cover, etc.

Svendborg Brakes offers a large range of safety hydraulic brakes. Brakes type SH are designed to operate in the most severe environmental conditions of steel industry. Brakes type SHD can be mounted in restricted space.


Hydraulic Power Packs

Use of emergency brakes implies a perfect control of opening and closing times. This is why we designed and developed special Hydraulic Power Packs adapted to these critical industrial constraints. Whatever the type or the number of brakes necessary for your installation, whatever the distance that separates the braking system from the power unit, Svendborg Brakes is able to provide a fitted solution to meet your needs.

Manual lowering
Delayed closing
Controlled braking torque
Enhanced security return circuit
SIMAN Intelligent system Electrical unit
Soft braking
MOPS (Manual Overload Protection System)
Indicators (clogging indicator, oil temperature indicator, oil level)


Below are a few samples of application photos. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see more.

Application Photos

Brake Discs and Couplings

As a complement to its disc brakes, Svendborg Brakes proposes three types of disc couplings to offer a complete braking system solution. 
Svendborg Brakes provides solid and ventilated discs with an external diameter from 175 to 995 mm, and a thickness of 15 mm (mono-bloc disc), 30 mm (solid and ventilated) or 42 mm (ventilated disc).

Highly flexible couplings
Double engagement gear Couplings
Drum couplings
Barrel couplings


Limit Switches

Svendborg Brakes has been offering geared cam, lever limit switches and main power switches for over fifty years. With a wide range of gear systems, switching contacts, and housings of metal or polycarbonate, we can offer solutions for every application. All analogue and digital encoder systems can be integrated. Our geared cam limit switches reliably switch off sequences of movements, and position or restrict these with independently and precisely adjustable cam discs. These geared cam limit switches can easily determine absolute positions to a high precision that can be converted into reliable additional data like e.g. sense of rotation and overspeed.

Geared Cam limit switches
Lever / counter weight switches
Cross lever switches
Main power stitches


Cardian Shafts

7 types: with or without length compensation, with or without flanges 24 sizes
Useful diameter: 76 to 840 mm
Length max.: 190 to 4500 mm

SOBO iQ Manual Lowering on crane/winder

Automatic lowering with full SOBO iQ functions in case of electric supply failure
Possibility to manually lower with joystick instead
Applications could be critical vertical systems such as cranes - hoists and winders
Ensures that the load can be lowered securely even in an emergency



Drive and Brake systems fulfilling Protection Level (PL) function
The goal is to offer a universally applicable system (HPU + PLC + failsafe brakes) for mergency and controlled braking which will meet the highest level of safety defined by functions up to SIL 3 (IEC 62061) and PLe (ISO 13849-1)
System can be main braking system or emergency backup
Control system is based on safety PLC components running Svendborg Brakes closed loop SOBO iQ brake control software

Hydraulic Buffers

Buffers used to damp the energy resulting from the crash in rail transport systems and crane systems working with various load capacities and in different velocities are very important for extended life of the transport system and for security.

Svendborg Brakes provides hydraulic buffers with many variations according to energy buffering capacities, strokes and connection types. In the selection of buffers, it is important to prefer the buffers with optimum values.

2 types: rear or front mounting
4 sizes: 063, 080, 100 and 125
15 strokes (that makes 120 different models)
Strokes: 100 to 800 mm
Total length max.: 456 to 2114 mm
Options: Safety chain - Protection cover

Motor Brakes

With their high degree of protection, the Svendborg Brakes Motor brakes fulfill the highest requirements for durability, robustness and seawater environment. Spring-applied 4BZFM brake is flood- and seawater-proof for offshore and marine applications.

NFF brake is designed for compact industrial and crane applications with a high protection against harsh. HPB Brake is a modular braking system as 2 face and 4 face design for highest performance on smallest space.

Braking Torque: 63 to 11000 Nm
Braking Torque: 20 to 40000 Nm
Braking Torque: 80 to 5000 Nm

Electric Brakes

The ERX Brake range is a pre-assembled spring-applied Electromagnetic brake used for parking and emergency braking.
The ERX Brake can be adapted to different application needs in speed, energy or torque, thanks to 3 different friction materials.
The ERX Brake can be selected with multiple options such as hand-lever release, enclosure protection, detection & redundancy or a combination of those. 

Standard detection option, previously mechanical contact technology, is now contactless thanks to the new Warner Electric Sensor “WES”.

Spring operated / electrically released
Compact design
Single or Double brake version
Very easy installation
Single voltage as standard
Duty cycle: 100% energized
Indoor application
Non-stick friction material
Hand lever for manual releasing

Storm Brakes

Svendborg Brakes provides a large range of storm brakes to secure outdoor cranes such as ship to shore cranes, automated stacking cranes and rail-mounted gantry cranes.
Storm brakes are parking and safety devices which prevent a crane from uncontrolled movement along the rail in case of sudden bursts of wind.

Rail clamps
Rail brakes
Wheel brakes

Taylormade solutions

Svendborg Brakes offers tailor-made solutions for the more specific requests of the customers. From design to conception of the product, our research and development team focuses all efforts to find the best technical solution to suit the customers’ requirements.

Soft Braking Control Groundbreaking Testing! 

Uniquely developed testing facilities of different braking scenarios including soft braking solutions!

The DYNO is a perfect dynamic tool to demonstrate real-life situations in laboratory conditions. The advanced algorithms of the DYNO shows 1:1 situations from various applications during braking processes.
These include variable loads and speed. Such demo processes are essential in order to understand the philosophy behind controlled braking systems.

Impressions of controlled braking algorithms can, with the help of the DYNO, be shared with our own technicians across the world, and at the same time demonstrate to our customer´s engineers the benefits of Svendborg Brakes controlled braking systems - the SOBO iQ.

Knowledge sharing like this, can also be performed remotely, as the DYNO is IIoT fully equipped. The Svendborg Brakes controlled braking philosophy is open to all visitors to The Svendborg Brakes Academy, and available anywhere across the globe during online training sessions.


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