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Start Local Go Global

Supports New School Project

Svendborg Brakes supports a local school in a new 'Farm to Table' concept, which promises to plant more than vegetable seeds. Below is a quick introduction into how the school has mastered to incorporate the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in their teaching - and why.

The Cornerstone

'Sustainability', 'responsibility', 'awareness', 'local' and 'global' are some of the key words behind the initiatives many of us take, to do our bit, in making the world a healthier and safer place in the future.

A local school in Denmark, Øster Åby Friskole in Vejstrup near Svendborg, has done just that!

Translation of Danish text in the picture:
- Madspild = Food waste
- 1/3 of all food in the world is wasted

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in School’s Curriculum

The school educates the next generation to take responsibility for their actions as an incorporated and important part of our common future. And to strengthen this message, the school has implemented the UN Sustainable Development Goals in its curriculum and visualized the key messages as part of the School’s interior decoration.

Co-Sponsor of New Kitchen

To further support the strategy of social, local, global and corporate responsibility, Svendborg Brakes is the co-sponsor of a new kitchen at a local school, making it possible for the school to incorporate hands-on sustainability as part of the children’s education.

All supporters of the school’s further growth and development are mentioned in the tree (school logo)


The children will plant, nurture and grow herbs and vegetables, develop recipes, and cook and serve the food – all based on minimizing waste and recourse consumption. At Svendborg Brakes, we support this initiative and the proactive attitude which is fully aligned with our own approach to improving manufacturing procedures, supply chain processes etc.

Practice Makes Perfect

A few representative from Svendborg Brakes, were lucky to experience an amazing two-course menu from Year 7 pupils (aged 12 – 13 years old) showing off their skills and explaining about the learning process. They are professionally guided and educated by their teacher, former Chef Henriette Færch. Henriette also happens to be one of the driving forces behind the food part of the school’s Sustainable Development Goals’ project.


Ready To Leave the Nest

There is no doubt these young people will leave school with a solid and hands-on understanding of sustainability and responsibility – locally and globally.

Thank You!

The Head Master says Thank You to our Managing Director Steven Olsen for the new kitchen “housewarming” present; an ice cream voucher for all the schools’ children.

Happy Happy Happy
Many happy kids by the ice cream van; new kitchen and ice cream for all. Then it’s not so bad returning
to school after the summer holiday😊


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